The Beginning Stages of a Medical Illustration

Mechanical Loading and the Stimulation of Bone Remodeling.

I am really interested in the topic of bone health especially in light of osteoporosis prevention. It is known that bone-building exercises place mechanical loads on the bone. These forces are sensed by bone cells. These cells respond by inducing changes to the bone's micro-architecture and structure. These changes allow the bone to better handle future loads. 

I wanted to create an illustration that:

  • depicts the fluid-filled canalicular network in which mechanical forces are sensed and responded to
  • shows the connection between a macro-level activity, such as running, and the resultant micro-level changes in bone

After establishing those facts, the creative process began! I created a few concept sketches. Two of which are shown below.


I went with the concept on the left and then created a few color comps as shown below.

Next up is picking a comp and then working through each figure from sketch to final color. Stop by again to see the continued progress of this piece. Thanks for looking!