Medical Illustration WIP : Figure 02 - Histology of Compact Bone

This figure is an additional orienting view for the figure that comes after it. It depicts the general histology of compact bone.

I generally start with a sketch which I ultimately colorize in photoshop to remove the gray tones. 

Next, I add a flat fill. I spend some time here because messy, out of boundary color fills are a pain to find and clean up later in the illustration!

For the image below, I duplicated the radiating lines layer, whitened the duplicate using an adjustment layer, and then offset the duplicate from the original in order to get this grooved appearance. This technique is featured on the AMI website here. I've also added shadows.

Lastly, I added highlights to the osteocytes, cleaned them up with a stroke and hinted at nuclei.

Below is the final image with labels.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Up next is figure 3. 

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